Wednesday, 27th January 2021

technical management

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The importance of technical management throughout a project is often underestimated.

A problem identified ?

How many times have you found that information has been missed, misinterpreted or badly coordinated as information is passed between one department / consultant and the next?
The result? Usually time delays, a lot of frustration and inevitably cost.

The Solution

Dtm provide a central figure to your organisation overseeing the design process from feasibility to completion. We believe in the cost savings this will produce through the smooth flow of concise information between departments resulting in properly detailed tender enquiries and less queries during the construction phase.
This can be achieved by overseeing your existing consultants or alternatively we can deliver it all.

The benefit to you

A tap that can literally be turned off and on to suit your current development requirements. No yearly overhead to justify.
A central figure to oversee the whole design process.
Less problems on site resulting in better cost contol.

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